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The Sign:
Featuring Terry Brock On Vocals (Kansas...), Randy Jackson On Guitar (Zebra), Jon Bivona On Guitar (Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Mark Mangold On Keys/Drums (Touch, Drive, She Said, etc.), Mark Hermann On Bass (Fire Ants)

New "Classic"/Progressive Rock
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SPECIAL NOTE: The CD (not CDR) comes with the art that is hand printed and inserted, no booklet. So please don't be dissappointed with's about the music.

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Sounds fresher and better than the Frontiers Version,  I must say.



i think it is a brilliant album and some of the keyboard playing is phenomenal. And I definitely agree with you about Just Keep On Breathing - superb song!i hHad to drive two hundred miles today and played the album all the way. my first impression is its a match for Signs Of Life (or could have been...)

Note : Thanks, R... Yes, unfortunately those keyboard parts were eliminated from the "other" version.  thanks for the support.



THE SIGN ‘The Second Coming’ (2005)
Mark Mangold, one of the key driving forces behind the Sign, kindly sent
me a copy of the original version of the band’s second album before it was
produced by Frontiers.
Now there has been some debate raging on the  MelodicRock.Com message boards
over the final Frontiers version and I can see why after listening to this copy.
The main difference is all in the  sound, with this version having a bigger drum sound,
you can hear the keyboard solos
and much more live feeling on the vocals.
In fact it is like a whole new album!
Just listen to opener ‘Ayron Overture’ that
comes alive in this version
and the next song, ‘Stained (Gone)’
sounds superb when it reaches the
harmonies. ‘Shine’ is another track with a less polished, more ‘live’ feel
to the vocals and when you have someone as talented as Terry Brock on vocals
you really don’t need to keep fiddling with them production wise.
No contest really once you’ve heard this version and if you’ve yet to buy
this or have the Frontiers copy than go and get this one as it is how the
album should have been released in the first place.
For lovers of classy
melodic/pomp rock this is a
‘must have’.


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P.S. From R:

i think Second Coming is a storming album and would like to congratulate everyone involved from Frontiers and everyone in The Sign.

this is a brilliant album....  the second coming is great -
sure it'll piss them both (S&M) off to say this but get both copies!

personally i've heard both versions of the album and sorry i like the one with the joanner!   so in my view mark may have a point. but not interested in taking sides...

i want the best album possible in my CD collection without ever having to read about disputes between artists and labels...


Re:   The Second Coming ... Yes I noticed the *missing* pieces as well as the
*missing songs*.  I didn't want to take the album apart figuring you already
knew what was changed but since you asked...

I personally like the Band's version ... To me they've (Frontiers) gone and added all of this extra *noise*/fluff where it's distracting and as opposed to more of a
clean or separate sound the music seems to blend together ... its the extra ODD sounds that I think take away instead of enhance the finished product.


Re: The Sign, what I can say is that there truly exists a BIG difference of sound, and the omitted material {should be put back} it  makes more sense to the opera, and I'm speaking of the 2 cd's - and ...
about the booklet/package - all that I can say is that I was SO happy to receive cd's directly from the artists, touched by their hands, that to buy it in a cold record shop, who cares about the kind of paper used, this is about the emotions I feel,

ok I will go to put The Sign cd's now just near Tommy by The Who ...



The Sign - The Second Coming
                                                  A Zedd
    Finally I received the new "The Sign" album. I was amazed at Signs of Life. I think it is one of the best Rock records of the last 10 years, at least, and I thought it was impossible to repeat such a great job.
    But they surprised me, in the unique intelligent way (we are speaking about the VIP of the rock scene !!) it is very DIFFERENT. So, we are in the presence of another milestone, the mystic journey of Aryon continues.
    The concept is still there. Mark Mangold (all lyrics) painted a full-emotional screenplay, song by song, between our fears and our doubts, but the message is always positive, "What a wonderful time it is to be alive."
    The difference is that in their previous CD each song was outlined in its entity. This time they are more musically linked and we are in a presence of high PROG moments. You will find again that particular sound encountered in Signs of life, the unique music style they created as "The Sign" project, but you will be positively surprised at the different impact. This CD is very difficult to "classify" using the usual adjectives we all know. eg. Aor - Hard Rock - Progressive, you can find all of these or none !
    The result is unique.  Starting with the irresistible chorus of "Aryon Overture", you'll then be knocked down by the amazing "Stained" and then "The Morning After". But you cannot breathe too much 'cause the band is putting you on the cycle of "Motorcycle Messiah" and you will face the wind blowing. Then you can relax awhile with the surprising "Shine" where you will find the incredible choruses that contributed to make Signs of life great. Then from track 6. "Bliss", a strange/dark intro from "Inner Child" you'll be lost in a whirl of magnificent choruses like "Flame of the Oracle", solos, bridge moments like only these musicians can do, and just when you think it's over ... the Zeppellinian "Black Mountain" will wake you up. What a song ! - but the best is yet to come ! One of the best ballads ever heard waits for you, "Keep on breathin'".  No comment about this one - believe me - a self explanatory title. Then the album goes to the end from 14. to 16. another PROG delicious part.
    The American version ends with the bonus track "Maniac", a great solid rock song opened by Terry's unique voice, and then Randy with Terry (!)
I don’t know which song will be cut from the European version, but for all fans I suggest you buy the CD directly from The sound is fantastic and you will not risk losing any tracks.
    For those who loved Signs of Life I also recommend buying the American version.   It contains the fantastic bonus track "Love is Alive" and a different version of "Wine" (in my opinion better than the european one).

A Zedd


   From: CM Re: The Band's Version

     As an overall feedback statement, let me begin by stating that throughout the album I had a smile on from ear to ear. I was hesitant you guys could top the first album but by all means you did. The musicianship is outstanding. The entire album sounds incredible - I love it.  I hear a more progressive element than the first which suits me just fine. Track 6 is hauntingly beautiful and could go on another 10 minutes in my opinion.  Track 15 had a Yes flavored edge to it.  Those 2 tracks as well as the 2 Randy sings lead on standout as highlights for me. The remainder of the album has many highlights which I could comment on but you don't need to hear me rantin' and ravin'. Terry's voice sounded great, Randy's playing as usual sounded flawless/interesting/masterful, and your keyboard work was spellbinding.  the drums and  bass work continue to shine. I can't take this cd out of the player - DYNAMITE!!!!! 

The music as well as lyrical content illustrate how masterful the cd is. Rock fans like myself have been starving for this kind of album/music for years.

Please keep up the outstanding work, and tour Long Island soon.




R E....UK    Re; The Band's Version

I took the Sign CD, "The Second Coming" to work today. I must have played it at least 5-6 times and I can only say that it's fabulous. I cannot for the life of me see why ......didn't like it. There is nothing wrong with this CD, either soundwise or songwise. I think that it flows extremely well and has the right balance of songs. I would have thought that ......     would have creamed their pants at this album.

It's old school pomp in the grand tradition of bands like Zon, Touch, Starcastle, Yes and Trillion. They certainly don't make them this good anymore.



"TheNew Faith"