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This CD contains the "U.S. Masters" and is available only on this Website.  It contains All "Bonus Tracks" omitted from other territory's versions, contains mixes not previously released and
it is specially mastered by the band with superior sound.

The Sign:
Featuring Terry Brock On Vocals (Kansas...), Randy Jackson On Guitar (Zebra), Billy Greer On Bass (Kansas), Mark Mangold On Keys (Touch, Drive, She Said, etc.) And Bobby Rondinelli On Drums (Rainbow, etc.)

New "Classic"/Progressive Rock
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Lokerse Feesten 2001 - Belgium

Melodic Journey's Review

A Few Listener's comments:

Fred Monster (from Holland) writes (with some "Footnotes from the band"):

When I heard of the cooperation between the masters of symphony (Randy Jackson of Zebra and Billy Greer of Kansas) on one hand and the two masters of melody (Terry Brock of Stangeways and Mark Mangold of Touch and Drive, She Said among others) I was a bit surprised.
**  What kind of album would this be, a Symphonic or a Melodic Rock Album?  Or a crossover?  Who would sing?  Would the songs gel together? A lot of questions... On Union 3 Compilation the veil was lifted a bit with the fabulous song Aryon, sung by Terry Brock. But soon after that Frontiers announced that this was a demo only.  On the final album the vocals would be shared by both Terry and Randy Jackson.  So in fact the only thing we knew was that the guys were capable of writing a monster song together.  But now the wait is over, the album's out.  And what can I tell you about it?  Well first of all that it's everything I hoped it would be and more.  All the influences and every inch of talent those four (Bobby Rondinelli doesn't write on the album) incredible songwriters could bring with them is present on it.  More symphonic parts, like the opening track I'm Alive and All Your Life, where the Zebra and Kansas influences are clearly audible**, are very well blended with melodic rockers like "I Will Be There For You" and "Nothing But A Heartache", which have more of Strangeways and the Mangold repertoire in them.  Crackers, yes as there's definitely not a bad song on this album.  To use a cliche' no fillers, just killers.  A song I wouldn't have expected to hear on an album like this is Stranded.***  I guess that none of the band members have ever done such a heavy song with any of their other bands.  All I can say is "WOW".  I could go on and on raving about this album but I won't.  But there's one thing I want to tell you, before I quit and that's if you don't buy this album you're missing out on one of the if not the best album of 2000...

** Surprisingly, the symphonic parts and overture passages there were written and arranged by Mark and the more bluesy parts were written by Billy and Terry,  who are closet BAD COMPANY fans.   Check out "Overseas Symphony" by Valhalla, on this site for early excursions.
*** Randy, being the ultimate Zep fan, and Mark put this one together (check out "Veil Of Tears" and "Drivin' Wheel"  by D,SS, "Black Star" by Touch and almost anything Zebra ever did for ultimate riff rock).

Bagrat from Louisville Kentucky says:

Musically, I miss the 80's.  I miss 10 minute songs, long guitar solos, concept albums, tempo changes, and when music was about having a good time.  To me, that is what this CD is all about.  It is tribute to bands like Kansas, Yes, Journey, Rainbow, April Wine, Queen, Triumph and Zebra.  The CD is great from beginning to end.  The highlights for me are the songs "Crossed the Line", "Forever Again", "Stranded", "I'm Alive", "Signs Of  Life" and "Nothing But A Heartache" (which I dare say would have been a top five hit in 1980).  It is an outstanding recording and I only hope they decide to get together for an encore.  If  you miss the 80's, if you miss the sounds of a great keyboard player, guitarist and bassist, and if  you forgot what real drums sound like, you will love this album.



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