Mystic Healer


The original concept for the music of MYSTIC HEALER was created by   Magnum of MTM Records of Germany/Sweden.  Magnus approached Mark wanting to record a CD of songs written during the days when Michael Bolton's "Fool's Game" and "everybody's crazy" were recorded.    In fact there were a number of songs, and masters, recorded during that time of songs written with Michael, Jack Ponti, Al Fritsch, D.L. Byron ("Shadows of the Night"), Randy Jackson (Zebra) and others. 
So the next step was to find a great singer to sing them.

Enter TODD GOOGINS, an amazing vocalist, and talented writer.  Mark and Todd created and finished some already recorded songs, recording drums, guitars, etc.,  and also wrote for the new record.

The result is MYSTIC HEALER, a kicking, melodic rock effort containing "Tonight" (which was originally slated to be on Michael's "Everybody's Crazy"), "If You Ever Fall" and "Live Wire" (written with the notorious Jack Ponti and "If.." wonderfully covered  by Tone Norum, John's sister), "You Hold My Heart", written with D.L. Byron, and a few others ("Crossed My Heart", "You Never Know With Magic", "Standin' In The Line Of Fire") originally intended for Drive, She Said which never seemed to make it to "Vinyl", "All Your Love" (written with Randy Jackson, but which ended up only on the Japanese version as a bonus track), and a new song entitled "I Am The One", a sweeping ballad written by Todd (mostly) and mark.

MYSTIC HEALER is a truly melodic outing with an amazing vocalist, TODD GOOGINS, filled with artfully crafted Melodic Metal Songs.

Crossed My Heart       I Am The One

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