American Tears

"Branded Bad"
The First LP (CD)
Sweet Changes
Doctor Abreaction

"Tear Gas"
The Second LP (CD)

"Power House"
The Third LP (CD)
Can't Keep from Cryin'

Only $20 includes s&h

Only $20 includes s&h

Only $20 includes s&h

American Tears, a "power keyboard trio" recorded three LP's for Columbia Records during the mid 70's.   Ranging from progressive and symphonic rock, to keyboard oriented "pop" songs of the era, the band emphasized adverturesome arrangements and musicianship.   For the third record the band added a guitarist, Craig Brooks, giving them access to large vocal harmonies, and ultimately evolved into the band "Touch" which recorded two LP's for Atlantic Records (see the "Touch" page).  These three LP's are also now available on CD, now including the bonus track "Born To Love" which was the bands second "single".


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