The Universe does not “Exclude”
	Attention to a thing includes it.  The Universe does not exclude, it only 
includes.  It is said if we are exposed to a vibration, spend as short a time as 
17 seconds observing something, feeling it, being a part of it, talking about it, 
giving it attention, and saying yes to it,  you are including it in your vibration.  
	When you are saying “no” to something you are including it in your 
vibration.  You are saying “that is in my life and I want to say ‘no’ to it”; and 
there you will remain, with it in your life, saying “no” to it.  In fact the 
Universe is responding absolutely, utterly to the vibration that you are 
offering.  It is harmonizing perfectly and sensitively with what you are asking 
it for.  Once you begin to understand how to offer your vibration on purpose, 
in a focused and “purified” way, you are in absolute control of your 
experience--you are the co-creator.     	
	A friend, who does spiritual journey’s all over the globe, was telling me 
an amazing story of visualization and manifestation of desires.  He wanted 
and needed a person in his life, a love interest-- actually a date would have 
been great.  The only “problem” was that he was on the slope of Mount 
Everest and there was nobody for miles, except individuals in his party which 
for professional reasons he would not become involved with.  This was not a 
problem for the Universe, only a problem for third dimensional beings, such 
as ourselves, with the limitations of logic and third dimensional perception.  
Having visualized, and asked the Universe to bring such a person into his life, 
the very next day, in ways that logic and 3rd dimensional rationality cannot 
explain, he met a single woman walking on an isolated mountain path, 
thousands of feet above sea level, who he befriended and started a long 
relationship with.  
	The Universe delivers, in ways that our third dimensional minds may 
have difficulty understanding.  But that is the point, that is where the 
spiritually comes in.  Make your choices wisely because each choice you 
make is a creative act of spiritual power for which you are held responsible.