Soul Consciousness
	We have been here before, in some form.  We were/are entities in 
another (sometimes referred to as the 4th...) dimension who have chosen to 
come here for a purpose, to exist on this learn, to remember, to be a 
part of the wonderful changes and development that is happening on this 
planet-- to enjoy the wonderful toys, emotions, feelings and “games” that we 
can play.  
	You are part of and loved by the Universe/Creation.  There is no 
greater love than that of a human being who has/is chosen to come to this 
planet and exist in this physicality, with the true higher self hidden from you--
to see if you can find it, to witness the frailty of the flesh and the 
disappointment of aging and other tests of humanism.    
	Some have come here to play the game of ascension, or success, others 
have come here to play the game of disease or fear.  What does cancer feel 
like?  What does abundance feel like?  What does “victim” feel like?  What 
does it feel like to be a lion, or a cockroach (boy, those are smart little 
creatures), an ant worker or a powerful politician?  
	We have come to find what it feels like.  Soon after we are born we 
forget where we came from and get on with the “game”.  Some of us 
remember longer, as those of you with children may have discovered when 
your child says something to you, that transcends his/her young years, about a 
past life or an experience that they could not possibly have had in this 
	To digress and tell a reinforcing story, if you don’t already have many 
of your own, I was in Arizona visiting the ancient ruins of the Honanki Tribe 
(@ 1200 AD).  The guide had a staggering amount of knowledge about the 
tribe, the area, and geology in general.  It was clearly a labor of love, an 
affinity beyond what was necessary for a local jeep tour guide.  He had 
moved from L.A., where he had been in business after graduating college, and 
was drawn to the Arizona area, and the ruins.  I asked him if he thought he 
had been here before in a previous life and without skipping a beat he said 
	He then told me about his 3 year old son with whom he had been sitting 
under a tree, when his son said “Under this tree are the ‘singing bones’”.  As a 
matter of fact it did turn out to be a burial ground for ancient tribes.  But in 
addition, he said his son said, “Yes dad, we’ve been here before and you were 
my father.”  This confirmed all of our guides “feelings” and it truly resonated 
with him.  I’m sure many parents have similar stories.
	Then there is the story of Jenny Cockell  who believes she is the 
reincarnation of Mary Sutton.  Jenny Cockell was born 21 years after the 
death of Mary Sutton and, propelled by dreams and memories, and maps and 
pictures she (Jenny) drew as a child (all from her imagination) she found the 
town and house in Ireland that Mary used to live in, found and united her 
(Mary’s) eight children (who were in their 60’s and 70’s and all of whose 
names Jenny knew), who are all convinced by the specificity of the 
“unknowable” intricate facts and incidents known by Jenny, that she is their 
mother, reincarnated.  
	Of course, Jesus is said to have been resurrected.
	We do “choose” our parents, our gender our religion and the 
environment that we want to experience this life in to facilitate what we want 
to “learn”/experience/remember.
	Beyond that, as food for thought for those of you who do not already 
know, consider that some us here are souls from the future, living here to 
pave the way for our future selves.  Sometimes our future selves can even co-
exist with our present selves.  (does this sound like an idea for new Sci-Fi 
Movie?).  Those of you who believe in angels may not have a hard time 
accepting this possibility.  
	It is ALL HAPPENING, the possibilities are infinite and we are in a 
wondrous and grand creation experiencing this grand play.