Releasing Fear/Anxiety
	When you find something in your world that is unpleasant to you, you 
can be assured it is connected with your fear.  You may then request any and 
all fears to be placed in the center of your awareness to be felt and then 
released.  Even if what you are experiencing temporarily is fear or sadness, 
simply allowing the feelings to flow will release you from the tyranny of fear.  
	It is only the fear of a thing that keeps you from experiencing joy, not 
the thing itself.  Fear of sadness is the destroyer of joy, not the sadness itself.  
(for even in the full experience of sadness there is the joy of knowing love.)  
	We have no trouble allowing what is joyous and wonderful.  
You must also allow that which you judge to be dreadful, for that is the way 
which you release it.  
	Once it is released it will be replaced automatically with love (you need 
only receive it).  
	Remembering that what you deny in yourself is what you bring to 
yourself (the Universe does not exclude, it only includes that which you are 
giving attention to), when something comes into your life that brings forth a 
feeling that is not love, then BE STILL, GO TO THAT FEELING and FEEL 
IT (imagine even your worst fears, feel the terror of that fear in the extreme), 
ALLOW IT, LOVE AND EMBRACE IT as the child in you, as if you were 
comforting your own child.  This loving allowance of every facet of yourself 
that you judge to be negative, or not enough, can change it all.  
	The next time you are at that place of fear, stop while you are in the 
emotion.  Close your eyes and visualize  a “baby you” about 4 years old, 
terrified, lonely, brokenhearted.  Reach out and take this baby and give it 
love, rock the baby and say “I love you absolutely, I will not abandon or 
betray you, or leave you, we are together in this safe universe.” (see “More 
Exercises and Visualizations” for numerous visualizations to release fear, 
anxiety, etc.).
	If you try to ignore, sublimate or control that fear you will not succeed 
and it will raise it’s little head in some other facet of your life.  It may 
manifest itself in disease.  You must deal with it...and the answer (always) is 
Love.  You have already tried to push away fear, to run from it, to deny it, to 
overcome it.  IT DOESN’T WORK.  You have tried the third dimensional 
ways of dealing with it:  Running Away (Denying/trying to overcome or “be 
stronger than” it), Taking the Path of Least Resistance, Trying to “Share It 
Away” (involve someone else to solve it), Worrying About it or just Shutting 
Down.  Do any or all of these sound familiar?
	The answer is to EMBRACE it, thereby releasing it.  
	If you resist or refuse to acknowledge what is there, you will be unable 
to experience true joy.  Choosing FEAR will always keep you from realizing 
your true ability to create your world, it does not matter what the fear is about.  
	Winston Churchill (quoting Sir Francis Bacon) wisely said “There is 
nothing to fear but fear itself.”  Fear will take more energy than the thing 
itself.  Fear of rejection, invalidation or persecution is more your enemy than 
the persecutor, or the person that may reject or invalidate you.  Release the 
fear and the persecutor has no power over you.  
	And once you have embraced and mastered the power or “technique” 
of this spirituality, and are convinced of its validity and are manifesting your 
“true” reality, you will then fully realize the awesome power and impact of 
fear (those thoughts) and that it alone is what we have to watch out for 
(fear?), and release.  
	I have used a device, taught to me by a spiritual healer, which has had 
wonderful and immediate results for me and many others in dealing with fear;
	Picture and feel the fear in every facet of your body.  Let it reek it’s 
little havoc for a moment and find it in every part of your body.  
	Then picture it collect, or summon it out of your body, through 
your forehead as a ball of light.  
	See the bright ball hovering in front of your forehead and feel your 
body free of all that fear (it feels real good doesn’t it).  
	Then visualize yourself THROWING THE BALL INTO THE SKY 
	Then be still and feel yourself and the sense of relaxation that has 
taken the place of the fear.  
(Did you notice that you did not need to ask for the feeling of relaxation and 
love because it naturally and automatically replaces fear--that is the law of the 
Universe--you need only receive it.  Please find more visualizations on 
“releasing” in “More Exercises and Visualizations” below).
	I was on top of a cliff and, though I am not scared of heights, when 
looking down felt that sinking feeling in the stomach.  I could not get rid of it 
by any “intellectual” means.  I then allowed/embraced the fear, graphically 
pictured myself falling, hitting every jutting crag, smashed and bleeding onto 
a precipice below.  I then summoned all that fear and made the little light ball, 
and threw it, watching it explode. I immediately felt relaxed and then looking 
down again I still felt relaxed, didn’t feel that sinking feeling in my stomach, 
and knew, on a feeling level, that I was on firm terra, which my mind already 
knew anyway.  I did not FEEL the fear, though still KNOWING that jumping 
or falling off the cliff was not an activity I wanted to engage in .
	You may do this exercise while standing on line and feeling the 
frustration and anxiety of waiting (embrace the anxiety, then release it into the 
ball, etc.)...or with any feeling that you may judge as negative or dreadful.  
	FEEL THE FEAR that has been holding you back.  It is upon releasing 
the fear and pain associated with it that you create in your life the peaceful 
replacement for what you have let go of, and you need only receive it.  The 
feeling you will receive after it is released IS AUTOMATIC.  My goodness, I 
didn’t even ask to feel at peace or to relax, IT JUST TOOK THE PLACE OF 
THE FEAR.  What does that tell, you?   How about “THIS IS EASY...THIS 
	These exercises are most probably not something that you will do just 
once, and then forever after be free of fear.  Fear is so ingrained and 
conditioned in us that it will arise from time to time, maybe many times a day.  
When it does, use these tools to deal with it.  
	When you are taking your morning jog and imagine someone jumping 
out from behind a tree and harming you, release it.  If you are crossing the 
street and imagine yourself getting hit by a car and splattered, release it.  If 
you imagine your child being hurt, release it.  If you imagine that business 
dealing falling through, or that you are not worthy of what you will receive 
from it, release it.  Every time during your day that you feel fear, anxiety, 
doubt, unworthiness...release it.  Let this be an ongoing part of your life to 
deal with these and other emotions.
	What will be left?  Someone asked me, when discussing this, “After I 
release these things, what will be left?  After I release my regret or yearning 
(or that little bit of hope) for that “failed” relationship and really let it go, 
what will be left?  After I visualize releasing the worry about this or that 
topic, and let go of these things that have become a part of me, a part of my 
daily routine, what will take the place of those thoughts (they are so familiar)-
-will there be a big empty void?”
	The answer, as you know, is LOVE automatically--good things, 
positive, productive, feel-good thoughts, creative and manifesting thoughts, 
power to get the sparks flying and the stuff happening.  And remember, it is 
your choice.  You can pick the thoughts and manifest whatever you really 
	We have been taught “Innocent before proven guilty”, the premise that 
without any information there is a Presumption of Innocence (and we do not 
balk at accepting that).  Then why can’t we as easily accept the rules of the 
Universe: “Love not fear”, “Abundance not lack”, “Co-creation not 
victimization”, “Worthiness, not lack of worthiness”, etc. and PRESUME 
these things to exist in the first instance.  
	As stated by Nelson Mandela in his 1994 Inaugural Address;
“It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.  We ask 
ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous.  
Actually, who are we not to be.  Your playing small does not serve the 
	We must utilize our fear, understand it and transform it--feel it coming, 
love it, bless it and release it--and the energy will not exist in your presence, 
and you will use it to create yourself, your world.  
	Remember, you are in control and it is all a reflection of what you are 
feeling and believing.