Our life, our world, is a mirror image of ourselves.  What we radiate, 
the Universe harmonizes with and delivers absolutely, 100%.  Since what we 
see in our world is a reflection of what we are creating inside (or vibrating, if 
you will), by the same token what we see reflected CAN have an impact on 
our belief systems and therefore what we create.  
	Example, the MASS MEDIA’S deluge of negative thoughts and events, 
violence, flooding us with what’s “wrong” out there (which in their 
perception is increasing viewership and earning revenue) rather than what’s 
right.  The spiral that is created perpetuates itself, and our negativity, resulting 
in more violence, war, dissent, hatred, etc.  Remember, it does not take very 
long to include a thing in our vibration.  
	BUT, it is our choice.  Everyday we may submit to the temptation to 
turn on the tube and watch an “exciting” cops/robbers show, or see a 
“disaster” movie.  But KNOW that those vibrations are cyclical and in turn 
are reflected and re-reflected back upon us.  
	This is one of the essential factors of our society, our “civilized” way of 
life, that prevents individual co-creation.  To say that violent TV shows do not 
result in violence is, to any reasonable mind except a television 
programmer’s, ludicrous.  Of course a child, with access to a gun, who 
watches violent movies, or cartoons, every Sunday morning has those violent 
thoughts available to him and those choices accessible to him--they are in 
his/her vibration.  Of course it would be better if he were engaged in a 
positive, loving activity which encouraged respect for life and his respect for 
himself.  Once we bring the vibration of such violence to ourselves it 
becomes a part of our own vibration.  
	You may not ever appreciate the full impact of this negative input until 
you let it go,  embrace some of the beliefs and “exercises” in this book, and 
then watch a few shows again--then you’ll see and feel the violence reflected 
and, again, affecting your own experience.       	
	Those of us who want to change our belief systems, live in a “safe” 
world, must attempt to “vibrate” on another level and stop reflecting the 
negativity of the mass media.  It is inconsistent to think that we can achieve 
all the peaceful and positive goals we say we want, while at the same time 
engaging in, embracing and showering ourselves in these negative 
	Of course, that may be the game we have come to this plane of 
existence to experience.  That temptation.  To play with fear, violence, experience the “have not” so that we may more fully 
understand the “have”--how can you understand what “bliss” is if you don’t 
know what “not bliss” is?  How can you understand light if you have not seen 
darkness?.  How can you appreciate and relish the positive if you have never 
experienced the negative?   As souls in a 4th dimension we experience the 
bliss, the knowing that we are in creation and surrounded by creator.  Coming 
to this plane of existence we quickly forget from where we came (not too long 
after birth) and engage in the fear, the “not knowing”, and the negativity, 
possibly to more fully understand and appreciate the opposites of those 
things, that we do create our Universe.   Is this the game we play?  If so, 
nothing need change, but let it be known as a CHOICE and not because we 
are victims of some greater force.
	I am sometimes amazed at the movies that they show on airline flights.  
Who in the world would choose to watch the latest “disaster” movie, creating 
fear and negativity, at a time when we may be vulnerable to the results of 
such negative thoughts and fear.  Do you wonder what movie was being 
shown or scheduled to be shown on Swiss Air Flight 111?  Was it “Deep 
Impact” or “City of Angels” (in both of which the “universe” screws the main 
characters--either by a renegade asteroid or a freak, unpredictable car accident 
stressing the frailty of human existence--if you didn’t see the movie, Meg 
Ryan is happily riding a bike down a hill at her most happy moment and is 
killed).  Should airlines be showing peaceful, or even meditative, videos to 
their passengers?
	We must surround ourselves with the elements that we want to vibrate 
in harmony with and synchronize with-- the things that will enhance and 
reflect our inner selves and therefore help us co-create our surroundings.  For 
those of us who appear to be surrounded with stress, or in a negative 
environment, for those of us not living on a mountain top in Sedona, 
visualization is a powerful means of doing this.