Prayer and Visualization
	Proper visualization and prayer will undoubtedly result in the 
elimination of those stressful surroundings, and cause us to make choices in 
our lives to eliminate them in the physical plane.  It is our choice.  Especially 
in our modern world it is so easy for us to “reinvent” ourselves (a new life 
and job may only be a two-hour airplane flight, or 15 minute bus ride, away) 
it is undeniable that the lives we find ourselves in are chosen by us.  And how 
joyous that is.  In a less dramatic way, we can also change, accept or reject, 
elements of our existing relationships, jobs, and lives by making different 
choices.  It is the power to control our thoughts, our gift of choice, that is at 
the heart of this empowerment. 
	It is funny how many of us say our prayers at night, or even go to a 
house of worship and pray, yet really lack the belief that our prayers are being 
heard or answered.  It is a kind of force of habit, an illusion of faith, going 
through the motions but not really believing the effects will occur.  It is often 
merely a superstitious act, borne out of fear or because we have been taught to 
go through the motions of prayer, than a profound and deep act of love or 
professing thanks to our Creator.  Do we mumble some memorized cliché, or 
mindlessly read a passage from a book someone else has written, and call it 
prayer?  Is it the guilt, taught to us by our parents or religious authorities, 
priests, ministers or rabbis, that causes us to perform these rote actions?  Do 
they really have any impact, without the emotion and faith needed to convey 
	Watching television the other day I saw the Pope, one of the icons of 
religion on the planet today, saying a prayer for a Mass--reading from a book, 
unoriginal and weary clichés in a most automatic, unpassionate (may I say 
bored?) and rote fashion.  I was truly amazed that this religious leader offered 
no individual perspective and spoke no words to relate any insight to us--
revealing no example for his “followers” to follow in a pursuit of  spirituality.  
It was necessary for him to read from page 12, lines 4 through 6 a cliché 
anyone can pick up and recite.  What did the Universe perceive that day 
hearing rote clichés conveyed without the essential conduit of emotion?  Very 
possibly the “followers” are being encouraged to remain “followers” by the 
lack of any individual expression of faith or communication with God-spirit, 
rather than being encouraged to be empowered co-creators of their reality.
	Prayers and visualizations are the powerful means by which we can 
create our lives.  Spoken or performed with emotion and commitment they 
will convey to the Universe our desires and thoughts.  And we must align our 
belief systems to these desires and thoughts, be truly ready to receive, and feel 
we are worthy to receive that which we seek.
	It is important to thank the Universe and show respect and appreciation 
for  your gift of life and for your existence.  It is important to ask, not 
demand, from the Universe in specific terms, that which you seek.  It is 
important to be in a frame of mind that you have already received and possess 
that for which you ask and radiate that feeling, to which the Universe will 
harmonize, like some huge, self-adjusting, infinite, unfathomable holographic 
	A visualization may be even more powerful than a prayer.  A prayer is 
a series of words, language spoken, which embodies our desires and feelings.  
A visualization, not limited by language and words, can convey feelings and 
desires more explicitly and powerfully than mere words.  
	For instance, if you want to relax you may say to yourself, “Relax, 
relax..damn it RELAX.”   But what it you were to close your eyes, sitting 
straight with nothing “folded”, breath deeply three times, and picture yourself 
lying on your back in a lovely field of tall grass, looking at a fluffy cloud float 
by, watching the cloud float into the distance, then calmly noticing another 
peaceful cloud floating by, slowly?  Which scenario, or exercise, has relaxed 
you more?   Did you feel your stomach relax when you got to the part about 
the clouds.  Well, the Universe felt it too.  Yes. 
	It is said people are most receptive to spiritual communication and 
group mind energy when they are in the alpha brain wave state, a relaxed, 
passive state in which we are not as in control of that which flows into and 
out of the mind, most often during a state of meditation.   It is important to 
breathe and relax when visualizing and praying.
	Jungian philosophy speaks of the three areas of our consciousness or 
psyche;  our ego conscious, our personal unconscious, and our collective 
unconscious. Since the “unconscious” portion of our mind cannot talk, when 
it penetrates consciousness it comes in the form of images and symbols, 
thoughts and ideas.  This is the language of the unconscious and the power of 
	The power of images is astounding.  There are certain images that are 
triggers for human-kind that are genetically imprinted in our psyches.  Of 
course, some may vary depending on cultural upbringing, but many others 
have a universal impact and effect.  Spiritualists who are versed in 
visualization use these symbols, images (sometimes referred to as archetypes) 
to enhance visualization and achieve the desired effects.  Some date back to 
when we were living in caves and cause a predictable effect, for instance 
sharp teeth.  Others may be very personal and work for one individual while 
they may not have the desired effect with another individual.    
	When doing a visualization, first state: “I am doing this exercise with 
the intention of.....” and then state your intention.  For instance, to receive 
love in your life, or to meet a “significant other”, to have success in an 
endeavor you are embarking on, or to heal yourself, eliminate fear or make 
peace with another individual.
	To achieve a goal you should say your prayer, have your visualization, 
once a day for 21 days.  Then stop for 7 days.  If  it hasn’t occurred, which 
would be very unusual, continue for another 21 days.  It is important not to 
worry about what you have asked for throughout the day.  You have made 
your specific request known in a sacred and respectful way and you must get 
on with your life and do that which is necessary to achieve your goal, make 
sure you are prepared to accept and feel worthy of it.  
	If you fret and worry about it the Universe will perceive you as 
someone who chooses to be in pursuit of a goal and worrying about it 
(therefore not believing they will receive it), and that is where you will 
remain.  You must truly believe that which you seek is yours, and that you 
have the power to create it (that is where the belief in worthiness comes in).  
This faith, the essence of which I have been speaking, may be the hardest 
thing you will ever have to accomplish in your life, however it is the essence 
of your creating your world--believing that you are the co-creator of your 
	If you believe you are “already there”, the universe will reflect that 
which you radiate and your physical reality will become in harmony with 
your inner self.  It will happen.  If you believe you are not worthy, not ready 
or not capable of creating your reality, yet “wanting” or “needing” something, 
you will remain a “wanting” and “needing” individual, who is perceived as 
unworthy or not ready.  
	The doubt and fear that immediately follows our request for something 
is the thing that may prevent it from happening;  that instinct/habitual voice 
kicking in that says, “Who am I to ask this”, “Boy, I hope it happens.”, 
“Every logical thought I have is that this thing can’t happen because.....”, 
“But so and so told me it was impossible...”.   
	Visualization can help to counteract these thoughts and help us 
manifest our true desires until we are fully convinced we are the creators of 
our world.  (See below regarding ways of purifying and clarifying your 
	Again, you must align your belief system with this reality; the true, 
joyous and most beautiful reality of our existence, yet at the same time 
possibly the hardest task we can hope to accomplish in this day and age.
	Repetition is also a tool.  You may know that Hindu holy men use 
prayer beads to assist in saying their prayers, to activate and “magnetize” the 
mind.  They say their prayers repeatedly while counting the beads.  This is a 
device to make the thought or prayer a dominant thought.  Remember that the 
DOMINATING THOUGHTS, as stated above.  Many cultures throughout the 
millennia  all over the world have used repetition (eg. repeated 
prayers/chanting), engaging the formula which triggers the Universe to come 
into harmony.  
	Thus, mentally envision your greatest dreams, hopes and desires, add 
the fuel of excitement and emotion as if your vision had already manifested, 
surrender your dreams to your higher self, then take action as you are led to 
do so.  You must do all these things for a successful outcome.
Negative Prayer

	As an aside, be aware that there is also such a thing as negative prayer.  
Just as our positive and healing thoughts have an impact on us and others, so 
do our negative thoughts and prayers.  A 1994 Gallup poll found that 5 
percent of Americans admitted praying for harm to others (how many more 
have done so and have not admitted it).  These mothers and fathers, business 
people, friends and neighbors in everyday life may generate thoughts creating 
harm to others, even to those that they love.  What is the difference between 
such a prayer and what has been termed a “hex” or sorcery (which may sound 
like a strong term but which appropriately brings this issue into focus).  
	To pray that your side is victorious in a war assumes harm to the other 
“side”.  If you pray that someone be cured of cancer you are also praying that 
the cancerous cells die.  Therefore when seeking that a war be ended it is 
important to ask the Universe that the parties find peace “in the most 
benevolent and beneficial way for them, and that their hearts be healed” (see 
“More Prayers and Visualizations” below).  
	Realize in your relationships that when you have harmful or resentful 
thoughts about another person you are also harming them.  Be aware of the 
unintentional effects of your thoughts, prayers and wishes.  
	In Hawaii, when the Europeans first arrived there was such a thing as 
the “Death Prayer” (which has since been “outlawed”), used to harm enemies.  
Indeed, many cultures and religions have such prayers and even Christianity 
acknowledges the existence and effect of such prayers.  The prophet Elisha 
caused forty-two children to be devoured by bears for making fun of his 
baldness (2 Kings 2:23-24).  The apostle Paul struck a sorcerer blind (Acts 
13:11).  And even Jesus cursed and withered a fig tree for not bearing fruit 
(Mark 11:13-14, 20-21).
	  When you give someone the “evil eye” or wish bad things for them, 
realize firstly that these negative thoughts will have an effect, just as your 
positive thoughts and prayers will have an effect.  Ironically, the person who 
we may be having a bad thought about may very well be someone important 
to us, someone who we may even love, and that is not the effect that we may 
truly want for that individual.    
	We indeed are all effected by each others thoughts, positive and 
negative.   Of course we can protect ourselves from such negative thoughts 
and prayers;  the answer is, you guessed it, LOVE.  We can choose not to 
accept the negative intentions of others and pray, and believe, that we create 
our own Universe and not succumb to those negative “hexes”.  
	Even more important is that the negative thoughts and prayers will 
ultimately harm the pray-er more than the “victim” of such prayer.  Those 
thoughts and negative desires are reflected back upon that person and 
	Lastly, on this subject, please note a “protection” prayer contained in 
“More Prayers and Visualizations” below, attributed to St. Francis).
	We will discuss other specific visualizations in a later section of this 
book dealing with specific goals.