There are ways, methods-- to change our belief systems, communicate 
our true desires to the Universe-- to visualize and achieve our dreams.  (There 
are also ways to create distress, negativity and illness in our lives, via 
negative thinking, fear, anger, inability to release/reject these things, and 
simply believing that the world is a negative place).  These age old methods 
are at the heart of many religions, they have merely been forgotten.  But they 
are “tried and true” and once you delve into these waters you will find 
millennia of information from many cultures, from generations of humankind 
who have used these methods and understood man/woman’s relationship to 
Creation and the spirituality of our existence.  
	Unfortunately in our present day society it is often easier to create 
negativity, and most of us are taught this, rather than the Laws and Methods 
of  Empowerment.  
	Herein lies the essence of this book, to offer methods, perspective, and 
exercises by which you may create your life and prove to yourself (if you 
don’t know it already) that you create your world.  These exercises and 
beliefs will hopefully follow you through your lives and be communicated to 
those around you, empowering you and helping you to create the life you 
truly desire to live. They are not the product of one man but are at the 
foundation of most of our planet’s religions, and have been used by countless 
people through the ages who have wanted to achieve a goal, whether it be 
happiness, peace, health, wealth or control over their lives.  The principles in 
this book are offered without numerous anecdotes or pages of stories that say 
“look, it worked for them, it will work for you.”  Rather you are invited to 
embrace these laws, methods and visualizations and through your own 
experience prove to yourself that they are indeed valid.  It is only through 
your own experience that you can realize your place as co-creator of your 
	There is a spirituality underlying these beliefs.  In a way it is a new 
religion, or the most ancient of religions.  These precepts are at the heart of all 
major religions-which through time have lost sight or abandoned them, both 
in the belief we are not up to the task of controlling our lives, by issues of 
societal control (mass conformity seems more controllable than having 
billions of unique individuals seeking and creating their own destinies), due to 
the awesome responsibility we must face for the lives we have created/are 
creating, and because we are trained that whatever happens is out of our 
control, which is therefore reflected and manifested in our worlds.   
	What these homogenized religions have failed to realize, or forgotten, 
is that because we are ALL ONE and related-- if we all believed collectively 
that we are WORTHY and enlightened-- we would not need to embrace 
negativity, powerlessness, fear, war, hate or conflict.  Those negative things 
would not be chosen and would  be rejected, or the void created thereby 
would be filled with love.  Acceptance and diversity would be embraced.  
Fear would be recognized as the tool for growth that it really is.   
Unconditional love for yourself and all others would negate the need for 
“rules”, we would all be looking out for ourselves and one another.
	For both personal and global reasons the beliefs contained in this book 
can effect a grand change. 
The Universe Does Not Judge
	There is an old saying, “be careful what you ask for because you may 
get it.”  When asking the Universe for something be very specific. (We will 
discuss this more specifically in a later section). The Universe does not judge 
or differentiate between good or bad, right or wrong.  It delivers based on 
your belief system, readiness and emotion.  The Universe does not necessarily 
deliver what you hope or wish for, rather it reflects your desires, that which 
you believe you are ready for and worthy of, conveyed with emotion.  
	If for instance you want to lose weight, make it clear you want to do so 
in a healthy way-or the universe may grant your desire by illness or loss of a 
limb--you may want to add to your prayers the phrase ”with harm to none”.  
	Or if you want to bring a special person (love interest) into your life 
don’t hesitate to be as specific as possible, even to their personal and physical 
characteristics, or the Universe will grant you someone that does not fit your 
inner, real criteria.  
	But even more important, you must be ready for such a person and feel 
worthy to ask the Universe for what you want.  Psychologists have said that 
“when one is truly ready for a thing, it puts in its appearance”.  If you are 
holding onto or pining over another relationship, the Universe will see you as 
someone holding onto another relationship and not ready for a new one.  In 
other words you must believe you are, and be truly ready, for a new 
relationship in your life.  
	If you are asking for a new relationship--and believing you are not 
ready for one--the Universe will perceive that you are someone asking for a 
new relationship and not being ready for one--and there you will remain.  If 
you are a person who wants to loose weight but craves sweets--you will 
remain a person wanting to loose weight and craving sweets, in a self-created 
struggle.  You must come to terms with your craving, eliminate it and 
visualize yourself with the body you want, releasing your craving (see later 
section on foods, regarding cravings).  
	Again, the thing you deny yourself is the thing that you bring to 
yourself.  Merely by making it a dominant part of your thought process it is 
being reflected in your life and shall remain as such until you are able to 
change your thought process, your belief system, or thought habits.