The New Faith
	What if every thought you had impacted and created the physical world 
you live in?  What if every word you spoke and belief you embraced sent a 
message to the Universe/Creation/God-spirit that defined the reality you 
choose to surround you?  If you had that power could you handle and control 
it?  Would you believe you were worthy of it?
	Well, all these things are true, we do create our lives, the world we live 
in.  Our reality is a reflection of our thoughts, words and beliefs and is 
radiated from within us.  Awesome power isn’t it?  Then why, you may say, 
is the world like it is?  Why is there negativity, fear, un-saftey?  
	Are we not taught from birth that we are not in control, are victims of 
whatever circumstances befall us and whatever happens...happens--that the 
world is an unsafe place, that love, even of our parents, is conditional?  If we 
are a member of most western religions we are taught that God is an all-
powerful being and we are unworthy (sinners in some religions), that we do 
not create our world.  
	If we believe the world is unsafe, that life is a struggle, it will be.  If we 
believe we are victims and unworthy, we will be.  If our thought “habits” 
(belief systems) are steeped in unworthiness, failure, powerlessness, defeat, 
want, misery or poverty we will create these things in our lives.  
	Yet looking at the origins of our religions, there was, at their core, an 
individual, one-on-one relationship between soul and spirit--man/woman and 
creation.  That relationship is what we must seek and utilize to empower and 
create our lives.  Standing in a house of worship, and reciting words from a 
book, in unison, written by who-knows-who strips us of our individuality, 
uniqueness and our personal relationship with Creation, and that is the 
environment in which many of us pray and visualize.
	But beyond religion, it is our entire belief system, every nuance of our 
thoughts, every word we speak-- that the universe hears and delivers to us.  
That awesome power requires us to assess our belief systems to align with our 
true soul-desires, to align our thoughts and words to be consistent with the 
reality we really want.  Can you handle it?
	The difficulty lies in changing our belief systems--a denial of years, 
generations, of being told the world is unsafe, of the thought patterns and 
habits we have acquired.  It almost requires a denial of our 3rd dimensional, 
physical selves to embrace the belief that the world is unsafe because we 
believe it is such and that we are safe if we truly believe we are.  It is the 
exact opposite of what we have been taught--that we must adjust to the reality 
that surrounds us and expect the “unexpected”--that “anything can happen”.
	This accomplishment has in fact changed the lives of many--and if 
embraced as a part of our collective/mass consciousness would, and to an 
extent does, change events in the world.  
	Still, we must decide if we really want the world to change--to be 
“better”.  Are we so familiar with the tension of “un-saftey”, illness, 
negativity, pain, war, aging, that we essentially are content to live our lives 
surrounded by them?  Are all these beliefs so habitual that we will be unable 
to change them?  Have we come here to this plane of existence to experience, 
or “play” with,  these things in our lives to see what it feels like?    
	It is our choice, and once we truly realize it is our choice, and that we 
must take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, in our world, 
we will have the power to access what we “really” want, and create it.