Exercises and Visualizations
	This section contains a number of helpful and healing visualizations 
and affirmations/prayers.  A reminder that when doing a visualization it is 
important to sit with your back straight and not fold any limbs, align your 
body.  Breath deeply three times and continue.  As mentioned above in 
Visualization and Prayer it is important to start your visualization by stating 
your intention in the visualization.  For example, to manifest the happening of 
a particular event, or even a business dealing.  
	Lastly, it is one thing to read books, such as this one, but it is another to 
actually implement these principals and therefore make the Laws of Universe 
“work” for you.  For that reason this section may very well be the most 
important one in this book.
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General Wonderful Prayer/Affirmation;
	Remembering it is so important to be thankful and vibrate from a 
perspective that you already are manifesting the feelings or things you are 
asking for, the following is a wonderful prayer/thank you.
	From the god/goddess of my being I give thanks for the love that I 
am.  I give thanks for the love in my life and for the love that 
surrounds me. Thank you.  Thank you for the miracle of life that I am 
and for the miracle of life that I see all about me.  Thank you for the 
gift of life.  Thank you for my perfect body, my health and vitality.  
Thank you.  Thank you for the abundance that I am and the 
abundance that I see reflected all about me.
	Thank you for the riches and the richness of my life, and thank you 
for the river of money that flows to me.  Thank you.  Thank you for 
the excitement and the adventure of the millions of wondrous 
possibilities and probabilities.  Thank you. Thank you for the beauty 
and the harmony.  Thank you for the peace and tranquillity. Thank 
you for the wonderment and thank you for the joy.  Thank you for the 
laughter and the play.  And thank you for the privilege of serving and 
sharing the gift that I am.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. (From Sedona 
Magazine    1998)
	Remember that these words, feelings, must be conveyed with strong 
conviction and emotion.  You are worthy, the co-creator, are ready for all 
these things, and are visualizing and vibrating the feeling that you already 
have them.  If the fear comes in to say “No, you don’t”, release it.   

	Dealing with specific issues, these visualizations will assist in 
releasing, cleansing, effecting desired change.  
Visualization to relax and organize your thoughts 
(you may have someone read this to you during your visualization).
Close your eyes, breath.  Picture yourself on a plain or prairie, you see 
a herd of horses.  Walking up to one horse you pet it and mount it.  
You begin to ride, feeling the horse beneath you, the feel of the wind, 
the horse’s mane.  The other horses in the herd follow you.  The 
horses represent your many thoughts and things that you want to do 
that may be overwhelming you or which you want to organize.  You 
reach a corral.  You open the door/fence to the corral and all the 
horses run in.  The horses line up in a circle in the corral, all 
organized.  You see them.  You close the gate knowing that the 
horses/your ideas and thoughts exist, but are organized and now 
standing in that corral.  You then mount the horse you were riding and 
ride through the prairie, you see a beautiful grassy meadow and a 
large tree feeling the breeze and grass brushing by you.  You ride 
through the grass and up to the tree.  You dismount.  You walk up a 
small hill to a large field of grass.  You lie down and see the sky.  If 
there are any clouds in the sky they are your thoughts and you just see 
them float away, and dissipate.  If you see another cloud you just blow 
at it and watch it float away and dissipate.  Your mind and the sky are 
clear.    Breath three times.   Open your eyes. 
A Visualization to release fear, anxiety, stress, doubt, 

	Picture and feel the feeling of unworthiness, doubt, or anxiety in 
every facet of your body.  Feel it at it’s worst and imagine the worst 
scenario that it could result in.  Let it reek it’s little havoc for a 
moment and find it in every part of your body.  Embrace it, it is right 
on schedule and you have asked that it come to you.
	Then picture it collect, or summon it out of your body, through 
your forehead as a ball of light.  
	See the bright ball hovering in front of your forehead and feel your 
body free of all that fear (it feels real good doesn’t it).  
	Then visualize yourself THROWING THE BALL INTO THE SKY 
	Then be still and feel yourself and the sense of relaxation that has 
taken the place of the unworthiness, anxiety, fear...
(You may do this many times a day, each time you are confronted with these 
things.  Incorporate it as a part of your life.  Do not deny those things, 
embrace them and release them.  You have asked for them and they belong to 

To deal with an issue or problem that is in your life.
Visualize this problem that is in your life.  Pull it out of its ugly place 
and put it on your lap--like a tiny ferocious animal, even though it 
might be ugly, black with fear.  Set it upon your lap, alive and filled 
with uncertainty.
	No matter how ugly it looks, have peace over it and feel the love of 
God surging through your heart.  
	Look at that ugly thing, your problem and your lesson and love it.
It is a piece of the grand parcel of the contract you agreed to come in 
with and it’s right on schedule.  
	On your lap there is a Golden Tray.  This Golden Tray represents 
the solutions to every problem that exists or shall ever exist.  There 
are solutions on the Golden Tray to problems you don’t even have yet.  
The tray exists in the now and your problem has already been solved.  
It is not in the process of solution, it has been solved, it is in the store 
house of a place that you have access to.   
	The Golden Tray is on your lap and ugly thing is on the Golden 
Tray and the hand of the golden one that sits in your lap is holding the 
tray.  See the Tray and visualize the solution (don’t visualize what you 
think you need to create the solution, leave that to the Universe/Spirit.  
You may not be able to fathom or see in the future that God has 
already taken care of the problem).  
	Visualize it all taken care of and then leave the details to 
Universe/Creation, it’s on the tray.  Feel what it feels like to exist, to 
be there,  with the problem solved.  Feel yourself without having that 
	You stand up and take the hand of the Golden One and move 
forward with God.  You are the co-creator, not merely sitting there 
having things handed to you and done for you, you must stand up and 
push on the doors of life. 
	You may look at the problem and see it for what is , something very 
small and in the cosmic theme of things, something that has a solution 
on a tray of gold that you created and prepared a long time ago.  And 
you are imagining that it is absolutely solved and feeling what that 
feels like.  When you are done, breath deeply and open your eyes.

(After doing this visualization be prepared for the synchronicity, to make the 
calls that seemingly never did anything before, to get together with others and 
find out what synchronistic things take place to allow your life to move 
Another visualization to release fear 
(change it if necessary to resonate with you):
	Stand in front of a mirror, or hold a mirror in your hand and gaze 
into it as you bring into your mind what you most fear.  Allow this 
fear to fill you, to build as you create and imagine the worst scenario 
possible that has to do with this fear.  Feel it begin to permeate your 
body; feel it especially in your heart and solar plexus as you move 
your consciousness throughout your body and feel the restriction, the 
stress, the crippling energy creep in and permeate your being.  
	Now look in your eyes; see the pain, study the facial expression as 
it changes and ages.  Feel the pressure build until you know you can 
tolerate no more.  No imagine your consciousness lifting out of your 
crown chakra (on top of your head) and draw in the bright light of 
creation and of your divine self.  Call on you Universe/Creation/God-
spirit to fill you with love and the healing frequencies of a violet 
healing flame.   Become aware of your senses as you imagine this 
wonderful energy pour through and around you.  Feel the fear dissolve 
into nothingness as this light permeates your being.  
Look again in the mirror.  See how soft your eyes have become, how 
youthful you look.  Feel the expansion in your heart and the release of 
the stress and strain within your body and muscular structure.  Fear 
cannot exist where there is light, where there is love.
	Breath in the gift of life, the essence of creation that is being 
offered you.  When you are in fear, you restrict and cut off the flow of 
universal life substance and abundance.
A spoken affirmation/prayer to ask that someone’s 
heart be healed or that a war be ended:
I will ask for all people in this place where this war is that their hearts 
be healed and that they find peace together in the most benevolent and 
beneficial way for them.
I will ask that  (name) ‘s  heart be healed and that we find peace 
together in the most benevolent and beneficial way for us.
(Then you let it go and go on.  You have said what you can do.  You have 
joined for that moment with, and acknowledged, and asked for what you 
want.  Do not feel guilty for having things that others don’t).
To settle or end a lawsuit or dispute;
Visualize the other person.  Do you consider them evil, enveloped in 
fire, black, darkness or evil?  Picture them however you may see them 
with the aura that you think characterizes them.  Then picture 
Imagine yourself and that other person face to face and shaking hands.  
Imagine their shape and color transformed to a peaceful countenance, 
and their aura changing to a peaceful and loving blue light.  Imagine 
you are both glowing together in that light, in calm and peace.  
Imagine you are both shaking hands, and that person turning and 
walking away in peace.
(Perform this visualization for 21 days and remember to precede it with the 
phrase “I am performing this exercise with the intention of...”.  Please be sure 
to spend the money you saved on lawyers well).