Fear and love are the greatest motivators in our existence.  All that we 
are or manifest, all that we do, is either born out of love or fear.  They are the 
great poles out of which all that we do, all that we think, is derived.  Any 
action that we take can find its source in either fear or love. 
	 If we are motivated by love we embrace acceptance, empowerment, 
worthiness, co-creation, abundance, sharing, healing, expansion, revelation, 
confidence that we are loved and are safe.   
	If we are motivated by fear we embrace defensiveness, unworthiness, 
limitation, distrust, rejection, betrayal, lack, doubt, jealousy, neediness, loss, 
contraction, hiding, closing down, holding back, harming, hoarding, a feeling 
that everything is not O.K. but that we may be hurt in some way, may lose 
something, that we are unsafe.  
	Love and fear are the essential source emotions that carry our prayers 
and visualizations and determine the outcome of those prayers and 
visualizations.  All your inner feelings and outer manifestations are a direct 
response to your level of love or your level of fear.  Fear that we are not 
worthy of love, or of loving, fear that we do not live in a safe universe.  Our 
fear is born out of our doubt and because of our forgetfulness of who we 
really are.
	Therefore when you have a thought, think where it comes from; Love 
or Fear.  What is the source of that thought?  Are you jealous of a friend, do 
you fear them taking something of yours or having something that you cannot 
have?  Do you feel unworthy or unable to achieve that, and why?  When you 
find something in your world that is unpleasant to you, you can be assured it 
is connected with your fear.  
	Fear and worthiness are connected because if we do not feel worthy 
enough to believe we are safe, that the Universe loves us and it will “all be 
OK”, that we are in control, we will experience fear. The belief system of 
powerlessness that lies at the core of fear must be changed before we can 
truly be enlightened and create our universe.  If we believe we are a reed 
being blown in the wind, we will be.   
	If you express love, of someone else or God, do you then fear that the 
love will not be returned, that God will fail you?  Or, if the love is returned, 
that it will at some point be lost?  If you express love of self, do you fear that 
you do not deserve it, are not worthy of it, have sinned, are not “good”?  
	Do you apply your fearful belief that love is conditional (which you 
have been taught by your parents, everyone whom you have ever met, and the 
religious doctrines that you have been taught {the Bible, the Ten 
Commandments}, and indeed have incorporated as your own method of 
dispensing love) to your love of yourself and your perception of God’s love of 
you?  The moment when you commit to your deepest love can also be the 
moment when you are exposed to your greatest fear (betrayal, loss, non-
reciprocation, that it “won’t work out”).
	This pendulum, between love and fear, is a central issue for us during 
our existence here.  It is in a sense the balance between the physical and the 
spiritual, between faith and conditioning, between doing what we have been 
taught and our true spiritual truth, between our human experience and what 
we truly desire. 
	If you truly knew and believed who you are, that you are a part of  
Universe/Creation/God-spirit, that you are perfect and magnificent, nothing 
you do would be perceived as wrong, there would be no judgment, ONLY 
CHOICE and acceptance of responsibility for everything that happens.  
	Prayers and visualizations, and changing our belief systems, will 
recondition us and help us prove to ourselves (or remember) that we are in 
control and it is ALL OUR CHOICE.   	.  
		This is the challenge of our physical existence.  This is why we 
are here, to create and remember what we already know--to experience our 
knowingness.  To experience experientially what we already know 
conceptually--again, we (our souls) cannot truly know what light or joy is 
without experiencing darkness or pain.  Can we truly know love without 
experiencing fear?  We may create a reality of suffering for ourselves FOR 
THE EXPERIENCE OF IT, or we may choose to take the path of Love, Joy 
and unlimited creation of our true desires.  But remember IT IS YOUR 
CHOICE.  Are you “playing” with fear to experience the self?  To discover 
“self” are you playing with what is not self, with what is not ecstasy, what is 
not to be loved, and not to be worthy of love?   
	Yes, fear is our tool.  It is our “teacher” or, more accurately, the device 
which we use to remember that which we already know.  It is our choice to 
choose Love, not fear, Acceptance, not rejection, Abundance, not hoarding, 
Trust, not jealousy, Worthiness, not unworthiness, Safety, not being unsafe, 
Joy, not pain.  
	Your beliefs, emotions and Love are what create your world.  Your 
faith, your belief system, is the bridge to becoming the creator of your world.  
Prayer and visualization can be our tools.