The process of asking the Universe/Creation/God-spirit for something 
is, in a sense, a prayer.  For very effective results it should involve the process 
of visualization.  And the more real the visualization (and the less you are 
going through the motions and truly experiencing  the moment with deep 
emotion) the more effective will be the results.  Emotion is a powerful way, 
or conduit, of conveying our desires to our creator.  We create our lives in the 
moment to moment, not by repeating the fear patterns of the past or by trying 
to create the future, though the present creations will have an effect on our 
futures. It is about creating the now, and the Universe reflects our feelings.  
This is one of the reasons rote cliché prayers, for instance those read from that 
old prayer book, grow tired and are not instilled with the emotion required for 
	We must visualize a change in the very foundations of our belief 
system that will let us embrace and accept all the change we desire and all the 
power we truly have.  Visualizing the object of your desire, the change you 
seek in your life, the love and light that you may want to send to someone, or 
something that you would like to see healed, all these things can be attained.  
	Another aspect of emotion--living by our emotional responses can keep 
the past alive and prevent us from re-creating our lives.  Our emotional 
responses are born from our conditioning, our past.  If we live by our 
emotions, by constantly reacting only to emotional responses (to the neural 
responses that our past has conditioned) then we are living from past 
experiences and patterns and are therefore bending the “now” to conform with 
the past--therefore we are not re-forming and re-creating our lives.  It is 
therefore important to release these patterns, and not respond from our old 
conditioning, habits or emotions.
	It is truly that simple, yet that complicated because it requires a denial 
of almost everything we have learned.  Some have stated it requires a denial 
of “self”, though it really requires a further understanding of what “self” 
really is and more a denial of old belief systems and thought habits.  Once we 
are willing to accept that we are worthy of this power (this is the hardest thing 
we will ever have to do) we can indeed create our universe.  And when it 
happens and you finally realize that you are doing it, that you are creating it, 
that it is not something that you have merely hoped for or somehow has 
accidentally happened, but that you are from moment to moment making it 
happen, then you will feel the sweet and utterly intoxicating joy of creation 
and empowerment.