Earth Consciousness
	In keeping with talking about our Universe, I would like to offer a few 
concepts for consideration, because they may offer wonderful and benevolent 
assistance and joy.  For some there is almost “too much information” out 
there, especially for skeptics: UFO’s, crop circles, reincarnation, ghosts...
	There are certain things that will resonate with you, as they do with me, 
and others you will disregard, or reserve judgment on because you feel they 
do not immediately impact your life.  
	There are those that passionately believe in and spend much time 
dealing with UFO visits or experiences.  I for one do not feel I have had that 
experience, though I do not dismiss it (especially after a recent visit to 
Sedona, Arizona where I may have been the only one there who hasn’t seen a 
UFO).  I also am aware of the crop circle phenomenon which is claimed to be 
a manifestation of our powerful Earth vortex magnetism, and possibly UFO 
activity.  Someday I may go to England, wait by a field (hopefully not for too 
long) and see the wheat lay down.  That would be fun.
	What I want to share with you is something that resonates with me: 
Earth Consciousness.  Just as you can acknowledge, clear and release 
negative memories and energies, so our Mother Earth has a consciousness and 
must do these things.  This is partly the source of the “destructive” process 
that so many fear.  But our Mother Earth is striving to attain consciousness, 
just as we are, and to do it with as little harm as possible.  
	In addition, our planet can respond to the lack of respect and, 
sometimes rape, of her flesh.  
	We all feel this consciousness, though it is hard to accept or fully 
perceive because it is not 3rd dimensional consciousness we are accustomed 
to.  Yet on an emotional and feeling level we know and love our planet, and 
that love is reciprocated--it is the source and reflection of ourselves.  
	Is it difficult for us to fathom Earth Consciousness?  Is it any more 
difficult than going to the Grand Canyon and trying to comprehend the 300 
Million years that it took to create those beautiful strata formations (the 
numerous seas, deserts, oceans, swamps and volcanic eruptions that 
contributed to their creation)?   And, of course our planet was in existence 
many millions of years before those formations were created.  Can we even 
fathom one million years?  Yet scientists by their carbon dating have told us 
that those time periods are correct.  
	In a sense it may even be impertinent for us, recent physical beings by 
Earth standards who are here for a relatively short time, to deny what has 
been here long before we came and will be here long after we leave this 
particular lifetime.  Although it is hard for us to comprehend, is it any more 
far fetched than believing there is a God-Spirit/Creator of all these things?  
Truly our Mother Earth has a consciousness and she loves us.  You may 
therefore send healing light and visualizations to our Mother Earth and she 
will hear you.  
	Also, as was known to Native and aboriginal tribes, stone and plants 
possess a consciousness.  At a time when there were no hospitals, and 
someone was sick, or there was a problem that the shaman or elders could not 
answer, a sensitive or mystical person would find the answer “on the land”, 
and speak to the “stone people”, or even a tree.  
	Stone was, and is, perceived as a living conscious entity that 
communicates, at a certain level, living at a different vibration (living 
hundreds of millions of years).  It possesses the electricity of love and light of 
our Universe.  
	Pick up a stone, touch it, lie upon a rock, hold it in your hands and be 
held, feeling the rush of energy.  It is communicated on a feeling level.  You 
know it.  
	Even further, certain psychics and channels can speak to and through 
the stone and impart much wisdom and advice from our grandfather stone 
(see suggested reading for more on this).
	But trust your feeling and intuition--be close to stone and rock, respect 
it and you may even choose to visualize and, opening up, listen to see if you 
receive anything from it, with gratitude and thanks.
	Likewise, many native cultures used, and still use, trees to receive 
wisdom--believing in their consciousness.  When we are among trees, even a 
park, we do naturally feel better.  Trees are the philosophers of the plant 
world and have an amazing network--regardless of species.  Trees fifty years 
or older (called Grandmother or Grandfather by Native Americans, out of 
respect) may carry great wisdom and you may, respectfully, ask advice and 
seek their wisdom which they, if they know and are not too busy, may impart 
to you in the feeling sense.  Please respect and love trees, and all plants. (See 
suggested reading below for further on this topic).
	Water--it is recommended for those who wish their process of change 
to be smooth and comfortable to consume large quantities of water and other 
liquids, but principally water.  Remember to relate to the water, and respect it, 
as you consume it.  There is more consciousness and awareness in water than 
we may realize, and it will cleanse you and even help you to remove your 
beliefs (and you may ask it to do so).  
	Water is indeed a conscious force of love.  Water (“Holy water”) has 
been a symbol in many religions: baptism, Hindu cleansing, ritual 
anointments, consecrations and ceremonies--“Holy Water”.  The 
consciousness and cleansing characteristics of water, both literally and 
symbolically, have been utilized throughout the ages, and we are welcomed to 
remember and accept it’s healing and loving consciousness.
	Air, which gives us life and fills all the space between the more dense 
substances, also has a consciousness and contains a love and life-force that we 
must respect and preserve.
	Consider also, that the wind is messenger, Mother Earth’s mechanism 
for transfer.  Earth will take soil, dust, as well as energies and wisdom of it’s 
beings and blow them for thousands of miles.  Consider the classic image of 
Jesus on the mountain (high ground) or of the Native American praying on a 
cliff, or Mohammed or Buddha on the mountain, the Monks in Tibet (the 
high- altitude winds on the highest places on the planet) --Sermon on the 
Mount, the song “Go Tell It On the Mountain” and many other examples the 
origins of which have been long overlooked.  
	If you want to offer a prayer to someone far away, go out on a windy 
and blustery day and say it out loud, facing away from the wind.  The 
particles of the message will be picked up in the most gentle way for you, and 
taken with enthusiasm to those to whom you direct it.   
	Maybe more easy to accept is animal consciousness, especially for 
anyone who has owned a dog or a horse, a bird or a cat, and lived daily for 
years with one of those wonderful creatures.  Animals, too, are souls who 
have come here to experience existence on that plane.  They are a part of us 
and deserve respect, as do all living things.  Some eastern religions believe 
that the souls of our ancestors can as easily be residing in an ant, or worm, as 
another person, and they will not kill or harm any form of life.  Again, “we 
are all related”, “we are all One”.  
	Animals are more readily “one” with nature, they do not seem to have 
the mental process or presumption to doubt their place in creation.  We can 
learn much from them and should love them and appreciate their 
consciousness and how wonderful it is to share this planet with them.  
	Please note, as an aside that we are experiencing the greatest rate of 
extinction since the dinosaurs (up to 50,000 species a year).  In the United 
States we have lost over 500 plants and animals since the signing of the 
Declaration of Independence; 250 of these species have disappeared in the 
last 15 years.  This impacts us all, including for instance the fishing industry.  
We must bring this to our consciousness and correct this problem both with 
healing visualizations and by real and physical acts which stop this trend 
(support the Endangered Species Act and don’t let the lobbies roll it back). 
	Well, if any of these concepts do not resonate with you, and you do not 
feel the consciousness of these things, at least if you remember them I assure 
you your next bath, or walk in the park, will be more fun.     		
	We are all related.