Collective Consciousness
	Collective Consciousness/Unconscious, also called Mass 
Consciousness, is a clear reflection of our beliefs, positive or negative.  Mass 
consciousness creates mass reality and can alter it.  If we can unite and effect 
our Collective Unconscious, world events would change.  Our reality is 
determined by that Collective Unconscious.  Yes, there is a profound and 
crucial impact reflected from all we are exposed to, surrounding us, (e.g.. 
again, the Mass Media can be recognized as a means of controlling world 
	Yet, in addition, the joyous results of Mass prayers and visualizations 
have impacted on many world events, from the Harmonic Convergence, to 
Earth Day, to the believed avoidance of numerous possible catastrophes by 
the intervention of mass prayers and “sending of light”.  
	From a scientific viewpoint, there have been studies in which the 
effects of prayer have been attempted to be measured.  At the Gaiamind 
Meditation Event (Jan. 23, 1997) scientists measuring the effects determined 
it did show a “significant effect in our measurements, conforming to 
hypothesis of the experiment”.  Scientists using the PEAR method of 
monitoring global consciousness via Field REG (Random event generation) 
have ascertained a response in their readings to mass consciousness and have 
even had results in random number generation from smaller groups, even over 
long distances and with delayed intervals of time, revealing that 
consciousness can direct its influence directly across space and time, as 
mystics have claimed throughout the ages.  (see Journal of Scientific 
Exploration at “Suggested Reading” below for more information on these 
	In addition, the Harmonic Convergence, when people all over the globe 
were asked to pray and meditate during a five minute period between the 
hours of 12:00 noon and 12:35 on a particular day (June 19), it was felt by 
many that this had a positive effect on averting various global problems that 
were then festering.  
	It is found that a general rise of consciousness will occur if as few as 
one per cent of humanity would elevate its level of consciousness.  (Does this 
sound familiar from the Bible where God told Abraham that if he could find 
10 good people he would not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah--the story of 
	Of course it is faith that propels us, not the limitations of our level of 
science in understanding or measuring spirituality.
	It is all our choice.
	On the other hand, the reverberations of terrorist activities, and other 
negative events, have a two-fold effect.  Firstly they bring to our attention the 
“Not”, what we don’t want, so that we use even greater efforts to change that 
reality and mobilize, visualize and pray that it cease.   Secondly, they offend 
us so greatly that we reflect hate and violence back at those perpetrators, 
magnifying and amplifying the negative vibration, which perpetuates it.
	Those who are terrorizing others, out of their own fear and want, are 
those who are panicking and unable to accept the new change and love that is 
the next step in our development.  They don’t know which way to turn, and 
resort to the old “fear” solutions, strike out and hurt.  If it wasn’t so heinous it 
would be easier to look upon these as the acts of scared, selfish children.
	Their acts serve to facilitate and speed the change from fear to love, 
and unite and mobilize those who seek love and peace.  Their atrocious and 
selfish acts, such as the recent bombings in Ireland and Africa, are so heinous 
(and the information is distributed so immediately worldwide), that any one 
viewing must reject the bombing of young school kids, who could be our 
own, who only want peace and are on their way to a McDonalds to get a 
hamburger, just as our kids might do--it is all so close to home and “in our 
	Our collective response, prayers, visualizations, do and can help 
prevent those “nots” from performing their heinous acts.  
	Terrorists are people “in the wanting.”  They, out of fear (selfishness, 
the “have not” and “unworthy” attitude), choose to remain “in the wanting”.  
“I do not have ‘that’ and need ‘that’ (actually it is to feel loved and worthy) 
and I will do such and such to get it, even bomb innocent children.”
	 The physical things that they claim to seek will never satisfy their 
desire, need, or HABIT of being “in the wanting”.  They are so accustomed to 
that frame of mind and frame of spirit that their goals are beyond the tangible, 
physical things for which they claim to “fight”.  
	The hate that they feel, their feeling of victimization, which they seek 
to reflect to others, is so ingrained, so conditioned and passed down for so 
many generations, that no amount of territory or negotiable compromises will 
ever satisfy them until they feel the love, unity and worthiness that they have 
not been taught, that they do not feel.  
	Since love and fear cannot co-exist, it is for us, as difficult as it may be, 
to send love and light to those people.  To visualize enclosing them in a ray of 
love and light to heal them and show them that we are “all one” on this planet 
and it will all be “O.K” without the need to kill, maim and throw tantrums.
	By the same token, the acts of these people are a reflection of our own 
fear, negativity and violent thoughts.  We must take responsibility for creating 
those acts.  Having done so we can then attempt to heal and cleanse that part 
of ourselves that is attracting and reflecting those activities.  We are all 
related, and we must take responsibility for these acts--it all comes from the 
	Release the fear, negativity and violence in yourself and send love and 
light to heal those performing these atrocities.  We must acknowledge that the 
situation on our planet perfectly reflects our personal lives.  Why must it take 
trauma before we are catalyzed into action, to stand up and say “Enough 
violence.  Enough abuse.  Enough sensationalism, poverty, hate...”?   
	Once we unify our Collective Conscious and Unconscious to reflect 
what we really say we want we can perform miracles.  We must visualize and 
affirm “Absolutely, positively, unquestionably NO CATASTROPHES!”  
	Another quote from Nelson Mandela’s Inaugural Address;  “As we are 
liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
	It all starts individually with our own thoughts, belief systems and