Attraction and Magnetism
	In a way we may be likened to magnets.  We attract to ourselves issues 
that we are dealing with-- or choosing to deal with.  The universe absolutely 
supports us 100% in our beliefs and the scenarios we choose to create for 
ourselves.  Therefore whatever happens in our lives we bring into our lives.  
We have created them for a purpose.  They don’t get cast away or disappear.  
They belong to us, we have brought them in.  Those “vibrations” that are the 
same come together, therefore we draw to ourselves those things that are 
vibrating with our thoughts, our belief systems and emotions. 
	It has been said we are the “masters of our fate, the captains of our 
souls” but, more than that, we are such because we have the power to control 
our thoughts.  This absolute power over our thoughts is our divine gift by 
which we may control our destiny.  If we cannot control our own mind we 
may surely not be able to control anything else.  
	Our brains become “magnetized” with the dominating thought which 
we hold in our minds and these “magnets” ATTRACT TO US THE 
THOUGHTS.   This true law indeed can determine the nature, quality and 
purpose of our stay on this planet--our lifetime.  
		The universe accepts our “vibration” in every moment and sees it 
as our point of attraction, matching with it and harmonizing it with other 
things like it.  The source energy (Universe/Creation/Soul/God-spirit) is 
flowing to you and through you at all times and you are, at all times, creating 
your world. 	The Bible states “love your enemy”, “turn the other cheek”.  One 
of the things that really means is to embrace the issue that you have brought 
in your life because you have chosen it to be your teacher, to learn (or 
remember) what you have chosen to is a reflection of yourself.  
Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is not “good”.  The Universe does not 
differentiate.  It only delivers and reflects absolutely.  It may be disease or, if 
we feel ourselves worthy, it can be abundance, love and peace.  
	The thing that you deny in yourself is the thing you bring to yourself.  
If you are vibrating an issue, whether you want it or not, it is still in your 
vibration and the Universe will hear you and bring it to you, so you can 
continue to deny it.  
	As we learn, we repeat patterns over and over until they are identified 
and resolved.  Usually you will attract others into your life who are dealing 
with the same patterns, to see them more clearly.  As you deal with your own 
resistance and clear it, notice those around you either become more 
supportive or disappear.
	If you find someone has cheated you or stolen money from you, assess 
who you have cheated--who you have stolen from.  What lesson are you 
teaching yourself (or trying to remember) or seeking to learn and why have 
you brought that issue into your life?  As hard as it may be, send light and 
love to the person who has stolen from you to thank them for the lesson and 
also to heal them in their “troubles”.  It may also be your duty to teach that 
person responsibility.  For instance to sue them to get your money back--to be 
their instrument so they can learn what they seek to learn.
	But understanding that it was your choice, and choosing not to relive 
that lesson or engage in that activity, will eliminate it.  It requires deep self-
examination, the elimination of defenses and the ability to accept the 
awesome responsibility of whatever happens to us. 
	You may have read books about the “power of positive thinking.”  
Many “wealth accumulation” books stress “success consciousness” as 
opposed to “failure consciousness”, that there is no such thing as 
“impossible.”   They are actually applying the laws of attraction, magnetism 
and reflection for financial gain.     
	If you say “I want more money. I am tired of the struggle”.  You have 
included in your vibration the desire for more dollars and also your awareness 
of struggle.  Since those two energies contradict one another, there you will 
remain, precisely what you created/attracted/reflected.  If you say “I want a 
new car, but it is too expensive” you have again offered contradicting 
	Thus it is crucial to focus and purify your intent and desires, and this 
requires a change of your belief systems and an acceptance of the fact that 
you are worthy and create your world.  As you will see below, visualization, 
prayers and affirmations will be powerful tools in helping you convey/radiate 
your desired intent to the Universe.  
		Another reason you may be victimized is because you feel you 
are a victim and the world is unsafe, and thus bring those events into your life, 
reinforcing your belief.  Such a person will continue to experience such 
events in their lives until they can truly believe they are not victims.  This 
change of belief systems can be exceedingly difficult, and sometimes a life’s 
work, for victims of abuse (for instance child abuse) since the perspective has 
been imprinted on so many levels of their psyche and physicality.  
	If you believe the world is “out to get you”,  it will--you will create that 
reality.  Or, if you are one of those people who says, when you make a 
mistake, “what an idiot I am”--the Universe will believe you and bring things 
to you accordingly.  You may think it’s only a harmless comment, that you 
didn’t mean it, “was only kidding”, however the Universe does hear it and 
will react accordingly--every nuance and thought from moment to moment is 
	From the most basic foundations of our beliefs we must assess and 
change based on the belief that we radiate and create our reality--love, war, 
illness, separation, distrust, fear, abundance, worthiness...  
		If you had the power I have above described, what would you do 
differently?  Well, you do have the power!