A wonderful general meditation:
	There is a spiral form of light that is being made available to you, 
and you are asked to receive it and allow this moment to be a healing 
moment for you.  Open your heart to the knowledge that you deserve 
the love and support of the Universe/God-Spirit/All there is, in all that 
you do, at every moment.  There is no limit to the supply of this love 
and it is never wrong to ask, for this love is smart love--it knows what 
you need before you ask.  Being dependent on this love only makes 
you stronger, for it supports you fully in being your true self.  Know 
that the fears that arise are but cloudy chimeras.  Let them dissolve.
	Breathe deeply and dissolve the fears and know that you deserve to 
step into this heaven that you can help build by your choices to trust 
that all things are meant to lead to joy.  Let the love you feel go 
through you and out to all that you know as your world.  It will be 
something that you will rejoice in having done.  Open yourselves to 
you own highest good, do not struggle in darkness any longer.  
To set the path for a better day;
	Start the night before--achieve the feeling of appreciation; 
appreciate your bed, your day, compliment yourself on the day’s 
achievements, no matter how big or few, and “bask” in your bed.  
Then before drifting off to sleep, set forth a thought of pleasant 
anticipation of tomorrow.  Say “Tomorrow will be a wonderful day”.  
Think of one of the most wonderful days you’ve ever had, of waking 
up and being glad to be alive, and feeling happy about your physical 
life experience.  Don’t spend too much time on it (you don’t want to 
stimulate yourself into alot of thought before sleeping) but generate 
the feeling of subtle, good, peaceful, loving appreciation.  
	We may say “If I dream and there is something important 
remember it”.  
	When you awaken in the morning ask yourself if you had a dream, 
because as we know they may be quickly forgotten.  Then lie there 
and feel the emotions you felt in your dream.  Those emotions are the 
contrast that lets you know what you don’t want and what you do 
want, just as feelings during your waking experience help you 
determine what you want and what you don’t want.
	Next lie in bed basking and appreciating.  There may be that 
moment, if there is something that you are struggling with, when you 
pass from the higher, pure vibration of the non-physical into the 
denser, heavier energy of the physical.  Then lie there for a few 
minutes (5 would be optimal) and make some statements of what you 
anticipate for the day.  Then get up, make yourself comfortable (use 
the bathroom, brush your teeth, drink and eat breakfast).
	Then list the things you want to do that day (on the left side of a 
page).  Don’t put more on the list than you can do, or it defeats you.  
	On the right side make a list of the things you want but for 
whatever reason you’re not ready to act on, and let them freely come.  
Ask “What are some things that I want that I’m not ready to act upon?  
Things that I would like the universe to be working on.”  In this way 
there is no resistance in your vibrational match.  You are being 
consistent and honest and telling the universe to work on it because 
you don’t have the time or are not ready.  You’re defining what you 
want and you’re staying vibrationally out of the way.  That’s it, move 
on with your day.
	If you get into a little altercation with someone, assess, you are 
including something in your vibration that you’d rather exclude.  
Since we have learned that shouting “no” at something also includes it 
anyway, ascertain what we don’t want and make a statement of what 
we do want.
	If you want to take it a step further to manifest what you do want, 
now that it has gelled, you may sit down and write down the things 
you want on what may be called a “focus wheel”, which is a piece of 
paper with a little circle in the middle.  
	It is known that your energy doesn’t get split as much when you 
write.  You keep your vibration purer when you write.  
	Write your statements clockwise around the middle circle.  For 
instance, say “I want to get along better with so and so...I am going to 
enjoy myself an the so and so function...I feel so good about so and 
	Very importantly say many times a day “I love feeling good, 
Nothing is more important than that I feel good.  I want to be true to 
myself”  Don’t worry about the monster that feels good when he 
monsters something?  No one ever feels good when they are not in 
vibrational harmony with their core, and acting out of their fear. 
To increase energy and augment imagination, creativity, intuition and 
Imagine a beam of light coming down to touch your scalp.  Sense it 
come through the skin, bone into the brain, into the deeper parts of the 
brain and the emotional center. Then sense the light/energy coming 
out and arcing up and out from the temporal lobes.  Feel the energy 
coming in and then out.  
Visualization of your Divine Essence and manifesting your Creation:
	See yourself standing in a beautiful area of the galaxy, an area that 
does not have large physical mass as does our planet.  It is made of 
beautiful floating colored gases, pockets of light.  See yourself there.  
You will be floating toward others.  You may or may not recognize 
them.  You and these beings will be creating a circle.  You are all 
connecting and holding hands.
	Then a wonderful beam of energy comes from above you and goes 
down the center of this circle.  It is a beautiful tube of light.  Within 
this tube there are smaller tubes of bluish, lavender and green light.  
These beautiful beams of light will start to manifest through the center 
of the circle.  As the beam passes down through the circle, you will 
see it spreading out in every direction, hitting planets and 
transforming them.  You will see this wonderful light going 
throughout all of creation.	
Another similar visualization of your divine energy;
See yourself standing on a cliff of a beautiful mountain.  You are 
standing in the darkness.  You can see your hands and arms and are 
aware of your body.  Suddenly a beautiful sphere of light comes 
toward you quickly.  This sphere has many forms and energy patterns 
radiating from it.  It has many wonderful energy experiences within it.  
It comes to you like a bolt of lightning through the top of your head 
and down through your body.
	Now your body radiates golden white light.  You see your form, but 
you see not only yourself in this life, but yourself in other existences.  
You see the faces of your guides and beings who care for you and 
nurture you.  You see all that you are capable of being in the future, 
all that you have been in the past.  This is a picture of what you really 
are.  It is a picture of your new directions, of you past-life 
accomplishments and life glories.  It is a picture of all the states of 
being you have experienced before this body and of the new you that 
is emerging.  you then see all of these stepping out from your body, 
and you know them all.  you experience all the energy coming out 
through them, for this is all that you are, and so much more 
A wonderful, relaxing and empowering visualization to assist us in 
transforming and creating (contains terminology that may be changed 
to accommodate you):
	At the time of sunrise and moonrise, move into your sacred 
spiritual place and ask your Universe/Creation/Divine All There Is to 
shower down upon you the healing, transforming energies and to 
activate and infuse you with all the gifts of the higher and universal 
	It is important that you do this visualization with the clearest intent 
and purest love for all creation.  
	As the Sun and Moon crest the Earth, as the great rays of light 
touch you and pour forth their life-giving beams upon Mother 
Earth, through your sacred chakra system, this light will bring forth a 
greater infusion of the divine ray of the Creator--the energies that 
carry the perfect knowledge and resonance of power, will, valor and 
	Acknowledge and ask Creator, all the forces of light and all Heaven 
and Earth to join us in this grand and auspicious undertaking--the 
ascension of planet Earth and humankind.  
	Face the south, west north and finally the east.  Allow the Sun’s or 
Moon’s rays to penetrate your chakra system.  See your tube of light 
being illuminated by a shaft of golden white light from the Creator 
Source and penetrating deep within the crystalline core of the Earth.
	Breathe deeply and rhythmically of the forces of life and feel the 
vortex of energy build within your body.  Sense a force begin to build, 
a whirlwind of divine power.  Center your consciousness in your heart 
and feel the love for all creation begin to permeate your being down to 
the core level as you build this vortex of cosmic energy within.
	See this whirlwind filled with the magic violet flame and a blazing 
shaft of magenta, centered with electric blue and a luminous white 
core.  You are now a pillar of light radiating the pure essence of the 
cosmic life force and love. 
	Move your consciousness to the center of your forehead (also 
referred to as your third eye) and then, move your focus to the center 
of your brain.  You will ignite the keys and codes you carry within 
that are your gift and contribution to the master plan.
	Radiate a shaft of light from your solar plexus and your “third eye”.  
See them with your inner vision forming a “V” until they come 
together before you, approximately three feet above the ground.  
Watch with your mind’s eye as these energies ignite and spread 
around the globe, connecting with those of your spiritual brothers and 
	Hold the vision and focus until you hear within your heart center “It 
is done.   It is done.”  
	Breathe deeply three times and open your eyes.
(Use this gift wisely, with love, integrity and for the highest good of all, not 
for greed or selfish purposes).
The Pineal Gland
When the pineal gland is affected by an electrical shock of some kind it can 
be stimulated into releasing a wider path of information into the brain from 
the Higher Self.   This is possible without such drastic measures.  For those 
who are able to achieve deep levels of meditation, the following is offered as 
a way to stimulate your own pineal gland and further open your pathway to 
Universal knowledge:
When you are focused to a point where there is a complete absence of 
physical reality, concentrate your entire attention on visualizing a 
small golden rod just outside the third-eye location on the forehead.  
See it as a shining golden light.  When that vision is firmly in place, 
insert (in a healing, painless, spiritual and beneficial way) the rod into 
the forehead slowly feeling only a tingling of energy as you do so.  
You might have to do this in stages, for the energy that the rod emits 
will affect different parts of the body as it passes through the brain.  
Do not be alarmed if this happens: simply pull the rod back until you 
are ready to try again.  
	When you finally come very near the pineal gland, it will respond 
by shooting flashes of visions and/or words and phrases into your 
mind.  This can be startling if you do not expect such immediate 
results.  When you are ready, gently push the golden rod completely 
into the middle of the pineal gland, for you will be well aware of its 
presence now.  There might be a short mental explosion of light and 
sound, then the energies will connect and balance themselves.  After 
this happens, make time to rest as much as you can for at least a week 
while your brain and body become accustomed to the new source of 
energy.  In that time you will find your awareness becoming keener, 
and abilities of many kinds will start to surface.  Breathe.
(Remember if you use what you are able to activate in a negative way, you 
will receive negativity back twofold.  Use your wisdom to benefit humanity 
and you will be blessed).
A Visualization to send love, light and healing to Mother Earth:
Align your body and take 3 deep and relaxing breaths.  Imagine a 
bright Golden light and energy flowing from the Universe from the 
sky, coming down to the top of your head, flowing through you to 
every part and cell of your body.  Imagine then this light flowing 
down through you and out of your lower chakra and the bottom of 
your feet into the Earth.  Flowing deep into the Earth, all this love and 
light, and flowing deep past the rock and dirt, gases and liquids, right 
down to Mother Earth’s core, molten core.  Feel yourself sending the 
love and healing to Mother Earth.  Feel Mother Earth sending love 
back to you.  Feel the love for your Mother Earth.  
When you are done, breath deeply and open your eyes.
A “protection prayer” attributed to St. Francis (See “Prayer and 
Visualization” above regarding negative prayer) contains many of the tenets 
to offset negative prayer :
Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Where there is despair, hope.
Where there is darkness, light.
Where there is sadness, joy.
O divine Master (Universe/All there is), Grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled, as to console.
To be understood, as to understand,
To be loved, as to love
For it is in the giving that we receive.
It is in the pardoning that we are pardoned.
It is in dying that we are born to (return to) eternal life (Universal 
You can create your own visualizations and affirmations.  You are co-creator 
and know what affirmations and visualizations are appropriate for you.  If you 
seek a specific goal it is very helpful, as stated above, to write it down, thus 
helping the mind to focus, and repeat it every day.  Creating your own 
affirmations and visualizations will keep things “interesting” and prevent your 
mind from getting bored, it being harder to inject emotion into the same “old” 
repeated affirmations.  It would be helpful to include the following elements 
in your affirmations:
All is perfect, whole and complete.  
All is well in my world.
I deserve the best and am worthy to accept the best, now. 
I embrace abundance. 
I am always safe, protected and guided.
I am healthy.
I am free. 
(Remember to imagine and feel the emotions of these things)


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